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I am no longer raising Yorkipoo puppies.  While I love the breed's personality, I  found their looks to be inconsistent.  Sometimes they could be very cute, and have a Yorkie build, or tend to be gangly looking, like a poodle.  It seemed that about 1/2 of the puppies ended up looking like a poorly bred Yorkie.  Because of this, I have decide to focus on the Morkie breed, as they are consistently cute in conformation (appearance) with a sweet temperament.

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The Yorkipoo puppy combines the outstanding characteristics of the Yorkshire Terrier and the Toy Poodle Breeds.

Yorkie Characteristics:   The Yorkie is a spunky, outgoing, very devoted breed of dog.  This intelligent breed comes with a big dog heart and courage, and is glad to act as a watchdog for its owner. They are determined, feisty, and very curious about the world around them. The Yorkies are small, usually less than 7 pounds as adults. They do not shed, so need regular grooming.    The brave-hearted Yorkie with its self-assured, important manner could fit into any home where a dog with a lot of spirit and loyalty is desired.

Toy Poodle:   The toy poodle is known for its high intelligence and trainability.  They are a lively, playful breed that excels at obedience and agility competition.  The toy poodle's curly coat is not shedding, and does not have any dander.  Because of these hypoallergenic characteristics, they are one of the best breeds for allergy sufferers.  They are usually polite with strangers and sociable with other animals.  This bright, attentive breed is such a skilled reader of body language and expression, they are often described as "almost human".  

As Yorkipoo breeders, it is our goal to raise happy, healthy Yorkipoo puppies that will fill the spot of best friend to their new owners.

Yorkipoo Puppies for Sale




Here is what our Yorkiepoos new owners think of their Yorkipoo puppies from Sunrise Hybrid Puppies.

Milo is the cutest little thing.  They were home in Columbus over the holidays and he really is the best puppy ever.   Very well trained, so happy and full of life!! We're trying to talk my mom into getting one too because she just adores him. We all just fell in love with him that we all want one now!! My younger sister might be interested too.  When do you expect to have your next litter of Yorkipoos?

I've been meaning to drop you a note for some time to give you an update on our two Yorkipoo puppies.  As you recall we picked out Cody (formerly Pumpkin) in late June, then two weeks later we returned to get Chelsea (formerly Cocoa) because we loved Cody so much, and we thought it would be good for him to be able to grow up with a playmate.  Besides that, my wife Michelle bonded so closely with Cody that the kids and I were a little jealous, and we knew that the only way we were going to get to spend a lot of time with a puppy was to get a second one.

In the car ride home with Michelle and the kids, Chelsea was very quiet and timid; she got carsick once as well.  She had her tail down and she just huddled low in the back seat, the kids felt so sorry for her because she seemed so scared.  But when she got home and saw Cody, it was like turning on a light switch.  We all were amazed at how happy and excited the two dogs were to see each other, and we were pretty sure they remembered each other from all those weeks they spent together when they were with you.  They have since become best buddies and they play together every day, it is such a joy to watch them romp and tussle together.

All has worked out great for the puppies and for us so far.  Their crate training is going very well overall, Cody especially took to it immediately.  Chelsea was not quite as fast to pick it up as Cody but she's doing fine now too.  Chelsea is about 7 pounds and Cody is a little over 8.  We had their sterilization operations done a few weeks ago and it went pretty well overall..

Cody and Chelsea have very different temperaments, which we are very happy about, it would not be nearly as much fun to have two dogs that were alike.  Cody is the quiet one, he is a real cuddler and he does not bark or get very excited about most things.  Chelsea is the polar opposite, she is a bundle of pure energy when she is awake.  She also gets SO excited when someone comes in the door, she literally goes nuts for a few minutes.  I find that I look forward to this very much every time I come home.  She just loves seeing us so much she can hardly contain herself.  But when she crashes at night she too will cuddle next to us, she seems to get "wiped out" from all her activity during the day.

Mainly we just wanted to let you know how happy we are that we got these puppies, and what a big positive impact they have had on our lives.  It is obvious that they were cared for so well before we got them, and it shows every day.  I can't imagine not having either of them.  They are most definitely part of the family!  As you suggest on your web site, I'm also attaching a few pictures of them.  Thanks again for all you have done.

I recently met one of the puppies from one of your litters. I was told by his owner, that his name used to be Peanut (when you still had him). He is the happiest little guy with an amazing personality. I have been interested in Yorkipoos for sometime. When I met Peanut I was finally sure this is the type of dog I want.


The puppies shown below are not for Sale.  The are from previous litters of Yorkiepoos and are happily settled into their homes with their families.



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