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Scroll to the bottom of this page to see more photos of older Yorktese puppies from my past litters.  

My Yorktese come in two color patterns.  They are either black over the back with tan markings on their face, underside and legs, or butterscotch with a few black or gray highlights.  Yorktese puppies with both of these markings are shown in the photos at the bottom of this page.


What are the Yorktese or Morkie dogs like?

The Yorktese or Morkie puppy combines the outstanding characteristics of the Yorkshire Terrier and the Maltese Breeds.

Yorkie Characteristics:   The Yorkie is a spunky, outgoing, very devoted breed of dog.  This intelligent breed comes with a big dog heart and courage, and is glad to act as a watchdog for its owner. They are determined, feisty, and very curious about the world around them. The Yorkies are small, usually less than 7 pounds as adults. They do not shed, so need regular grooming.    The brave-hearted Yorkie with its self-assured, important manner could fit into any home where a dog with a lot of spirit and loyalty is desired.

Maltese Characteristics: The Maltese breed is known for their gentle manner and affectionate personality.  They are playful not only as puppies but also as adults.  According to the AKC breed standard the ideal weight for an adult dog is less than 7 pounds, with 4 to 6 pounds preferred.  They are playful and friendly to all they meet.  Since the Maltese are non-shedding as well as hypoallergenic they are very clean.  They are a lapdog that loves to please and does well with basic obedience.  The affectionate Maltese, with its devoted manner, could fit into any home where a dog with a bubbly, happy personality is desired. This sweet, playful dog will weave its way straight into your heart.

As Yorktese breeders, it is our goal to raise happy, healthy Yorktese and Morkie puppies that will fill the spot of best friend to their new owners.

As you look through the photos on different breeders websites, one might notice that the look of the Yorktese can vary widely, based on the quality of their parents.  The Yorktese puppies shown below are typical of what you will find with one of my Sunrise puppies.  They are the product of careful, thoughtful breeding.  I am committed to breeding a healthy, sweet tempered Yorktese who is also cute!  My puppies are from Maltese and Yorkies purebreds who are AKC registered, have many Champions in their pedigrees, and who are also DNA certified through the American Kennel Club.  The quality of our Yorkie and Maltese parents here at Sunrise shines through in their Yorktese puppies.

What will a Sunrise Yorktese puppy look like as an adult?

As the Yorktese puppies becomes an adult, their appearance does not change much.  They will have a more "mature" look to their faces, but will retain much of their puppy color pattern.  Their hair will continue to grow (since they are non-shedding) and will need to be trimmed in a puppy cut if you like the shorter haired look.  

The black and tan Yorktese puppies (Yorkie markings) will usually lighten on their faces as they get older.  A puppy with lots of black markings on it's face will usually still have some black/gray tones in some of it's face hair as it gets older.  A puppy with more cream than black on it's face will also get a couple shades lighter on it's face and have very little, if any,  black/gray markings left on it's face as an adult.  However, the black and tan Yorktese usually stay dark over their backs.  On the rare occasion that a black and tan Morkie changes coloring, they will have streaks of silver through their black  hair, or might turn mostly silver over their backs.

The butterscotch colored Yorktese puppies will also lighten a couple shades as they get older.  They tend to loose most of the gray/black streaking in their face hair as they mature, but can keep some of the darker streaks over their back.  It is common for the butterscotch Yorktese to have a black mask over their muzzle when they are babies.  By the time they reach 10 to 14 weeks of age, very little of the solid black color will be left on their faces, as this will change to tan with streaks of silver/gray in it.

Though the adult look of a Yorktese can be harder to predict that the appearance of a purebred Yorkie or Maltese, they always end up looking cute as a button:)  Look on my customer comments page to see a few adult photos of my Yorktese.

My Yorktese all have a nice, thick, very soft coat as an adult.  The coat style can differ slightly from puppy to puppy.  Some puppies will have an extremely thick, full coat like a Maltese (and will usually have a little fluffier appearance), while others will have a finer, not as full type of a coat (which will look a little flatter appearing and will be less hair to care for).  However the differences in their coats texture/type are minor differences, not major differences.

The photos shown below are of my previous litters of Yorktese or Morkie puppies.  These Yorktese are not for sale, as they are already in the homes of their forever families.  




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