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Below you will find out what others who have purchased my puppies think of their babies.  If you have a Sunrise Puppy, I would be glad to post your thoughts about your puppy here.


Erica we just love our little boy, Petie.  Thanks for such a wonderful little puppy.  He is sweet and loveable.  He was easy to train, now he never has accidents in the house, he is 7 1/2 months old.  He sleeps in his bed in our kitchen all night.  He is soft and cuddly.  He is playful. He loves his home and he loves all other people and dogs.  Everywhere we go and I mean EVERYWHERE,  people of all ages ask us what kind of dog he is. Most have never heard of a Morkie, Yorkie/Maltese mix, but they tell me that he is the cutest dog that they have ever seen. We have to agree.  He was easy to train in puppy school. We started him at 12  weeks. He is happy and loveable and cute.  Our whole family loves him. Not to mention our relatives.  Thank you, again for such a healthy, happy, beautiful little boy!


The Crane family from New Jersey

Dear Erica,
We are having a ball with Lucy (Yorktese/Morkie), she is just right for our family! Her personality is calm, affectionate and spunky. She absolutely loves everyone she meets, and seems to have no fears. Her potty training and crate training have been EXCEPTIONAL.... She rarely has an accident and sleeps in her crate without complaint at night. Our allergies have calmed down, and after the first week or so, our symptoms went away with out any new medications. Although sheís found her bark, it is small and she only barks when playing and to let us know she needs to go outside to do her business! She is such a good little girl; she entertains herself when we are eating (she has yet to have human food!!), and she has learned to play by herself. Her chewing doesnít seem to be a problem right now, and she tolerates her bathes very well. We canít imagine our lives without her now :)

Thanks so much,
Debra, Rob and Kelsey from Indiana

Thanks you for our wonderful dog Sadie.  She keeps us busy with her never ending energy, but she is so much fun!  Sadie loves to play with our other dog (border collie) and LOVES to play with the cats, too!  They all have a great time.

Thanks-Amy and Shawn  


Here are pictures of us and Teddy.  We love him so much.  He sleeps with Ashley every night and is so affectionate and loving.  He wants to be with you all the time.  He cuddles up to you or sits on your foot.  He loves to run and chase birds and play catch the ball.  He has a very long leap!  He can jump up and over everything.  We just love him.  He helped us not be so sad all the time when our dog Glory passed away because he was so full of energy and joy.  Thank you so much for our wonderful little Morkie.

The Pozivilko family

This is Nicole Farage owner of Brody, one of the Yorktese born on August first.  I am e-mailing you to thank you again for such an amazing dog!  He is truly one of the family.  Everybody loves him so much.  He is so happy in our home.  All of our friends can't resist to hug him.  When anyone walks through the door he is so excited and just can't help but to jump up for love.   My Mom and Dad continuously say, "Nicole was right, how could we live without a dog." I am so happy we waited because not I get to cherish moments with one AMAZING dog, Brody! We are definitely a match made in heaven.  Thank You so much!

  After researching several breeders, I was quite impressed with Sunrise Yorkies strong reputation for breeding healthy, loving puppies.  As the proud owner of a six month old Yorktese, Boots, Iím thrilled to have discovered Sunrise. Boots has a great demeanor and strangers continually compliment her playful, friendly personality and unique, beautiful markings. I would highly recommend Sunrise to anyone who is contemplating purchasing a healthy, well bred puppy.

Ellen from Chicago


You forgot to mention that a Yorktese is a slow-moving, lethargic dog ;-)  This is Mortie (we changed his name from Buddy). He is the  love of our lives now. Maryanne and I were used to large dogs and were  afraid that a small dog would not "fill up" our house. Wrong!  He is a presence! Thanks for such a wonderful addition to our family. Our cat  (Trouble) thanks you too. They are great friends.

John and Maryanne from Georgia


He is an awesome doggy, we have talked to tons of people in the city of Chicago about Luther.  His personality is so incredible, he loves all dogs and every person he has ever met. I will try to send more pictures later this week, also he weighs about 5.5 pounds! 

Sarah from Illinois


It is great to hear from you.  Lucy is doing fabulous.  We just took her to the vet last week for her annual check-up and she weighed 5lbs. 9 oz.! I think part of that could have been fur since she desperately needs a haircut :)  She is mostly tan with a black highlights in her tail and back and her chest is almost white.  She loves to play in the yard and cannot get enough of the sunshine.  She will retrieve a ball/ toy all day if she can find someone to throw it and she loves to cuddle on our bed.  She sleeps in the crate in our room and my allergies have been great.  So thank-you  so so much.  I never thought that I would be able to tolerate a dog in our house more or less my room!!  She is truly an absolute sweetheart.  She follows me everywhere when I am home.   Thank-you again for giving us such a wonderful addition to our family.

Kelcy from IL


Brody is great!! We are approaching his first birthday! He knows so many tricks...sit, down, paw, rollover, jump... He is just a very happy boy. He knows how to run in the lawn w/o a leash and we are very impressed with his knowledge to come back when we call. His coat is basically all white and beige.  He no longer has black on his face but he is still as adorable as he was when we first got him.  We can't thank you enough for giving us this amazing experience! I am just in love with him! Thank you so so much!


Just dropping a line to tell you how she is doing.   Bailey is very sweet, loving, and everyone just loves her. She can't quite holder her 'Licker'  when someone walks in the door.  She thinks everyone still comes to see her.  She's been doing really well with training but is still trying to 'train us".  We so far have won even with that cutie face looking at us. She is such a joy and always wants to play- she makes the kids laugh and they are all helping out with her still.  At night she lays on their laps or at their feet.  They love her so much.  My husband has even come around- though we still here him say- I can't believe we have a dog-I will send some pictures of her after we move.  We are finally moving on the 31st.  So once things settle down a little I promise to send some pics.  She is just the cutest little thing!!!  She was 4lb.1.5oz. last time we took her in.  She is just perfect! Thank you so much

Rosen family from Michigan

Bailey as an adult above, and below, Bailey as a puppy.

A later note from the Rosen family: 

Bailey is all of 4 lbs and is perfect.  She is so sweet and not at all a yapper, very gentle with everyone who comes to visit.  I tell them how great she is and how great you've been with us.  If you want me to send more pictures let me know.  The kids just love that she is on your website.

Vegas is doing great.  She is like our little baby, well trained, great with the kids.  She loves being out on our boat.  Everyone just loves her.  We're stopped all the time with her.  Thank you again.

Sandy from Indiana


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