All of our puppies are first generation (F1) crosses.  The F1 hybrid is the healthiest cross possible due to “hybrid vigor”.  It is our desire to raise and promote this hybrid.  We carefully select each purebred, AKC registered parent for the characteristics that would result in puppies with the most desirable pet qualities.

Our goal in breeding F1 puppies is to breed a very healthy puppy with the desirable companion traits found in their purebred parents.  We do not breed multigenerational puppies (hybrid puppies bred to hybrids).  

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The terms "Morkie" and "Yorktese" are often used interchangeable as they are the same breed.  The two above links show the same puppies available (and are duplicate copies), but use either the Yorktese or Morkie name consistently throughout the page.

Click here to see our Maltipoo puppies for sale.




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