Web Rings for Maltipoo, Yorkipoo and Yorktese puppies



If you have a favorite online place to buy pet supplies, let me know and I will post it here.

www.petedge.com  My all time favorite spot to shop for puppy supplies.  Reasonable prices.  Specializes in groomer's supplies, toys, crates and exercise pets.
www.petsmart.com   PetSmart's Online Store.  You can find everything for your hybrid dog or puppy here.
www.petco.com   Petco's online Store.  
www.revivalanimal.com  Revival carries animal health products.  Here you will find vaccines, dewormers, flea, tick and heartworm prevention, etc.  Revival sells all health related products at a price 1/10th what you will pay at your vet's office.   If you wish to give your own vaccinations to your puppy, here is a good place to purchase them.
www.drsfostersmith.com     Doctors Foster and Smith carries animal health products as well as many pet supplies for Maltipoo, Yorkipoos and Yorktese. 
www.lambriarvet.com   Lambriar carries animal health products.  If your dog needs a prescription medication, have your vet write the prescription, and buy it here for a fraction of the cost.
www.premier.com  Collars, leads, harnesses, lifejackets, coats and beds.
 www.jefferspet.com  Jeffers is an online pet supply store that carries, among other things, toys, beds and treats.


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