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65 lbs

Major excels at retrieving, and loves anything water related. He has a lot of hunting/retrieving drive, which was passed down from his impressive lineage. His sire is OTCH Sunsplash Blitz Is On UDX5 OM6 VER SH OS CCA WCX VC OBHF, and his dam is OTCH4 MACH HighRoller Snap Decision UDX7 OGM RE BN GN GO MX MXJ MXB MJB MXF T2B2 CCA. There are a lot of titles in his pedigree, and he it taking after them well! He is highly motivated when the Frisbee or tennis balls come out, but when you snap a leash on him it is like flipping a switch into a calm and collected dog. His PinnHip results show that he has little risk of hip dysplasia. His elbow results also came back with no deformation or issues. 

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